A newly married bride was strangled to death on her wedding night after her husband found out that she was not a virgin.

Khanzadi Lashari, 19, was dressed in her bridal suit when her husband Qalandar Baksh Khokhar, 28, also her cousin, allegedly killed her on their wedding night, in Jacobabad district of Sindh, Pakistan.

Khanzadi’s father, Lal Mohammad, became suspicious after he did not hear from his daughter after the wedding.

When he failed to get a response from his daughter after turning up at the grooms house he notified the police.

Police officers turned up and forced their way into the property to find Khanzadi’s lifeless body lying on the bed with her new husband missing.

Khanzadi’s brother Ali Sher Lashari, 37, said: ‘Qalandar was of a sceptic nature and everyone in our family knew about it but we never thought he could be so dangerous that we’d lose our sister.’

Ali added that all was well at the wedding ceremony on March 30 but became suspicious after the couple left the venue.

‘The wedding went well and everyone including the couple enjoyed the ceremony,’ he said. ‘It took place with their mutual consent and we didn’t notice any negativity in Qalandar Baksh.’

Qalandar was found a day later with a bullet in his leg and was arrested after police were able to locate him using his mobile number.

He was taken to hospital and treated for his wounds before being taken into custody.

Superintendent Sajjad Khokhar, 46, of the Civil Line Police Station, said: ‘Qalandar has admitted that he killed his wife with the cotton twine of her salwar suit for not being a virgin and fled from there.’

He added that he has been charged with Section 302 (Intentional and deliberate murder) of the Pakistan Penal Code.