A maths teacher who has been accused of sexually assaulting a pupil and proposing marriage to the schoolgirl has claimed the note read ‘will you merry me’ no ‘marry’, a court has heard.


33-year-old Aveesha Ahsan also claimed she did not sexually assault the pupil but only innocently kissed her because she regarded her as a ‘sister’.

She told Inner London Crown Court: ‘It is about the friendship, but in the end I made a nasty joke, “Will you merry me”.’

‘It is like we are friends, you are my sister and we can be friends so at the end I wrote down, “Will you merry me”.

‘Merry – it means, will you accept my asking you to be friends.

‘I am Muslim, how can I marry her? We do not do things that way.

‘Because sometime I feel like she wants to come close, she wants to get close to me – always asking me, can I sit with you.

‘She was crying and I was asking: ‘Well did you not understand this? It is a friendship letter.

‘She was tearful, she was crying because of the word “merry”.’

When the pupil explained she thought the note was a marriage proposal Ahsan allegedly told her : ‘Are you mad, we are female, we are Muslims, how?’

The court had earlier heard a ‘joke’ Ahsan had written to the pupil about ‘thrusting’.

The message read: ‘Can I tell you a dirty joke? My mind is really dirty.

‘In the word trusting put ‘H’ in between ‘T’ and ‘R.’

Jurors also heard the pupil had confided in Ahsan about cutting herself because she felt disgusted by eating in front of others in a series of messages between them.

The maths tutor said: ‘Go then do it, do it one more time again and I will cut worse and further than you.

‘Trust me you are beautiful, but you need to lose some fat.’

She told the teen to keep their conversations private and not to tell her family about giving her kisses.

Ahsan said: ‘I can feel sometimes what you are doing in your house, I don’t know about you.

‘I get strong feelings that you are thinking about me, I am thinking about you a lot.

‘You are like my centre of gravity, I am revolving around you.’

Four devices which the teacher used to bombard the pupil with messages were seized by the police during the investigation.

She denies sexual assault and sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust.

The trial continues.