A shocking photo has been posted on social media showing a blooded up man who was allegedly beaten up in prison for assaulting a baby.

The photo was posted on the Facebook page H.M.P TV and shows a blooded up man being held by the neck by another male.

The caption reads: ‘Guy who made baby brain damaged tryed to say he was in for burglary..’

‘He no there are internet phones in jail and google doesn’t lie (lindholme spurs).’

The Facebook page then asks its fans to ‘Please share and let the family of the baby see this bit of justice.’

The post has been shared 14,000 times with over 1500 comments, many of whom support the attack on the male.

One person commented: ‘Well done boys kick the s**t out of him, morning, noon, night and in between for good measure, the scumbags and good on the screws for turning a blind eye.’

While another said: ‘Justice has been served. Maybe a second go on him will teach him! Good on you guys!.’

It is not known where the alleged photo was taken but the Facebook page’s caption suggests the picture could have taken place at HMP Lindholme.