A rapper from Birmingham who rapped about women being ‘b****’s’ and described them as ‘dirt’ has been jailed for the rape of a schoolgirl. (Video below)

Fesal Aidarus, who was 17 at the time, befriended a 14-year-old girl after meeting her through a mutual friend.

The victim had been travelling with Fesal and the mutual friend to see a fireworks display but they stopped off at a car park in Kings Heath, Birmingham, where the friend left the car to make a phone call.

It was then Fesal asked the victim to perform a sex act on him, the girl refused and told him she was going to find the mutual friend.

Fesal then demanded she have sex and then raped her when she refused his advances.

Despite the girl crying and repeatedly telling him to stop, Fesal continued his sickening attack.

After the ordeal the girl pleaded with the men to take home but was told she would be dropped off home after they had seen the fireworks display.

Fesal was arrested a few days later and denied the accusations but after a four day trial was found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court earlier this month.

Since then sickening videos of Fesal rapping about ‘b****’s’ and describing females as ‘dirt’ have emerged YouTube.

Footage posted on April 2016, several months after the rape, he can be heard saying the lines: “B***** came and loved me, they don’t even know me.

He then says: “I live in Birmingham were everybody enjoys clapping (shooting).

“Hard to find a loyal girl, most dirt like soil.

“Selling themselves f****** for that oil.

In another video clip he says: “I don’t trust, that’s why I’m always jumpy.

“I don’t trust these b***** because they’re all nasty.”

“I’ll leave you dead on your mattress.”

He was sentenced to six years in prison and will have to sign the sex offenders register for life.

Detective Tony Parkes said: ”This was a horrific attack.

“Despite the girl crying and repeatedly telling him to stop, Aidarus continued his sickening attack on the frightened teenager.

“There are no excuses or grey areas when it comes to rape – if someone says no, it is a criminal offence and our officers have a proven track record for bringing offenders to justice.

“As this case clearly demonstrates, we take all reports of sexual assaults extremely seriously and meticulously investigate every crime.

“I would like to commend the young girl in this case for her courage.

“As well as helping secure a lengthy jail term for Aidarus preventing him from harming others, she will undoubtedly be a source of strength and inspiration for people who are in a situation similar to hers.”

Faisal Aidarus rap video

Faisal Aidarus rap video

Posted by Viral monster on Sunday, 19 November 2017