Shocking footage emerged earlier this week of prisoners being forced to fight like dogs and bite each other to win drugs.

The video, allegedly filmed inside Forest Bank prison, in Swinton, Greater Manchester, shows the naked cons on their hands and knees growling, barking and biting each other as they are controlled by their ‘handlers’.

It is believed the two men are being forced to fight as dogs to win the ‘zombie drug’ Spice which is causing chaos in UK jails.

Each of the ‘dogs’ is being controlled by a handler with a makeshift lead and wearing a balaclava.

One of the ‘dog’ handlers introduces his dog by saying: ‘This is my Islamic, Turkey lurcher-pitbull.’

The man on the end of the lead then starts making barking noises, before his opponent is introduced as: ‘The Iranian, one-eyed sausage dog.’

Both ‘dogs’ are then made to sniff each others rears before being set upon each other.

The shocking footage then shows the ‘dogs’ charging towards each other and biting.

It is alleged the fight was organised by a prison gang known as the A-Team, who enjoy treating¬†“spiceheads like dogs”.