A kind-hearted shopkeeper from Paisley, Scotland, has opened a community fridge in his town centre shop to help feed the hungry and homeless people in his area.

Rekz Afzal has packed the fridge with sandwiches, wraps and canned goods for those less fortunate in his area.

He is also encouraging other shops to open up a ‘community fridge’ and local business’s to donate their end of day food to these fridges.

The 31-year-old said he decided to open the community fridge after taking inspiration from Jamie Oliver, who encouraged retailers to set up community fridges to help feed the hungry.

Mr Afzal said: “People have reacted tremendously to it.

“I think it was a Jamie Oliver idea to encourage retailers to set up community fridges to help feed the hungry.

“I wanted to start something similar after realising the plight of people and the sheer deprivation of the town of Paisley and how there are many places like this in the UK,

“This is to show that businesses can give something back to the community they serve. That even I as one shopkeeper can make a difference.

“I feel that the food banks were not as accessible as the shops that the community run.

“We are open until late and that means those who sleep on the streets especially in the cold winters can access the food available to them in hardship that the night brings.

“And believe me when I tell you, I know just how hard it is for folk, and their families out there. I speak to people from all walks of life every day.”

The community fridge idea works on a trust basis were people without any money can approach Rekz and ask for something to eat from the community fridge.

He told the Daily Record: “It is a trial idea. I will log the inventory and record every withdrawal. I am also encouraging other businesses in Paisley to get involved, especially as the town is hoping to win the 2021 UK City of Culture award.

He added: “I just want to add that together we can create a lot of positive awareness. We can make good social change.”

Rekz is no stranger to giving back to his community and has taken part in numerous charitable events.

He also handed out 100 free cup cakes decorated with words such as Love, Peace, Faith, Trust, Share, Care, Respect last Easter in an attempt to bring closer ties in the community.