A speeding driver who was jailed this month for killing a pensioner while driving at speeds of 80mph is under investigation after he appeared in a threatening video from inside HMP Birmingham.

The 50 second clip which was posted online and showed Kamran Raja and 10 other inmates, many of them covering their faces to hide their identity, sending threats to social media rival ‘Gucci’.

During the clip Raja is heard saying: “Yo! You can chat the chat right, but when it comes to walk with us right, you ain’t got the capacity, you ain’t got clout”.

“your a c**t mate, and a registered one”

“You ain’t ready for HMP!”

The other inmates then start shouting and swearing as Raja gives the middle finger to the camera and smiles as masked prisoners make menacing gun gestures and shout: ‘Bang, bang’. He signs off by boasting: ‘That’s how we roll.’

Staff at the G4S-run prison raided a cell after being made aware of the footage, as it is illegal for inmates to have mobile phones.

West Midlands Police has now launched an investigation.

Director at HMP Birmingham , Richard Stedman, said: “There is no place for mobile phones in prison. Following the search of a prisoner’s accommodation, a mobile phone was found, which has been passed as evidence to West Midlands Police , who are investigating.

“The HMPPS digital investigations team is working to get the content removed from social media.

“We will always work to seize prohibited items and cooperate with partners to take down media content uploaded illegally by prisoners. HMP Birmingham was the first prison to secure a conviction after a prisoner uploaded footage to a social media platform.”

Birmingham Mail reported Raja was jailed for 10 years after his white Audi Quattro crashed into pensioner Edward Harris’ vehicle while driving at ‘insane speeds’.

The 85-year-old grandad had been driving home from church on April 2 in 2016 when Raja ploughed into his Honda Jazz on the A4123 Wolverhampton Road in Warley.

The pensioner was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham , but died of organ failure the day after the crash.

Raja, who has a string of previous driving convictions, was jailed for ten years last week at Wolverhampton Crown Court after pleading guilty to death by dangerous driving.

During sentencing Judge Simon Ward branded personal trainer Raja a ‘dangerous’ and ‘selfish’ driver. He said: “Your driving was incredibly dangerous. Your driving record before this is appalling. It shows you are a selfish man.

“You drive fast cars, because you want to, with no insurance and no licence, and at insane speeds.”