A superstitious father killed his son by chopping off his penis with an axe after a ‘holy man’ or ‘witch doctor’ told him it would help get rid the house of ‘evil spirits’

Father: Ram Gopal Patel,39, (left), Witch Doctor: Rajesh Yadav, 19 (right)

It is believed Ram Gopal Patel, 39, castrated his 13-year-old son Rupesh after hitting him over the head with an object before leaving him to bleed to death in their home in Baloda Bazaar, central India on Saturday.

The boy’s mother found her son bleeding on the floor of their home when she returned home from working in the fields.

Initially she alleged black magic and superstition was behind the boy’s death because of recent suspicious incidents taking place in her family.

Neighbours of the family confirmed that Patel had been complaining about spooky things happening around the hour for months which they believe led him to consult the witch doctor.

He told police the witch doctor Rajesh Yadav, 19, promised all his problems would vanish if he castrated his son.

The two men have been charged with murder and criminal conspiracy and are awaiting trial.

Police Inspector Ram Gopal Soni said: “The accused Ram Gopal Patel and Rajesh Yadav sacrificed 13-year-old Rupesh Patel before he bled to death.

“They hit Rupesh hard on his head and then chopped off his genitals with an axe and left him lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

“The father has since confessed his crime but is in a state of shock and probably repenting for his acts.

“He claimed Rajesh told him that in order to get rid of the evil spirits, he had to sacrifice his son, and all his problems would be solved.

“He added that strange things had been happening in the house for some time like buzzing utensils and noisy windows.

“He said he was desperate to get rid of the evil. The mother added that the father might be possessed by evil spirits before he killed his own son.”

People mostly in India’s remote tribal areas turn to witch doctors to help them with problems in the family which they blame on evil spirits.

In 2015 alone over 135 people were killed for practising witchcraft.

This case comes just a few weeks after a four-year-old girl had her limbs hacked off and beheaded by witch doctors in a ceremony to find a lost mobile phone.