A man has become a Muslim after former EDL leader Tommy Robinson appeared on national TV challenging people to ‘read this book’ while holding up the Quran, claiming it teaches violence.

Robinson appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain where he held up a translation of the Qur’an, saying: ‘There will never be peace on this earth so long as we have this book.’

He then challenged listeners and the co-host to ‘read this book’ claiming there was over ‘100 verses in this book that incite violence and murder against us’.

On man, Chrisos Onassis who now goes by the name Abdul-Bari, took up that challenge to see for himself on the accuracy of Robinson’s claims.

Abdul-Bari purchased a copy of the same translation which was held up by Robinson and has now thanked Robinson for guiding him to Islam.

Abdul-Bari told Ilmfeed: ‘He said read the Qur’an to see the truth, thinking people having read it would hate Islam.’

‘But I saw the truth, I came to Islam because of it…The guy does not know what he is talking about.’

‘He does not have any understanding of the Tafseer (explanation) of the Qur’an.’